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  1. Zilla says:

    I'm going to Mabul last year.Nice place, love it hehehe.

    *Jika sudah ada date untuk ke sana, let me know.saya punya kawan di sana, so u can stay dirumahnya 😉

  2. febry fawzi says:

    Oh My God Zilla!!! *jealous*
    aaaa I really wanna go there, so the main access is in Tawau right?
    I wish your friend could host me

  3. Zilla says:

    hahaha..yupp.from Tawau u need to take public transport to semporna (bus/taxi).

    *i've already talk to my friend and he's waiting for u 🙂

  4. febry fawzi says:

    oh my god, very kind of you! hehe I hope will get there sooon! very soon!

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