Explore The Unseen Thing Before

Finally! I’ll fly. Well at least after these three months of emptiness. Haha So, I will fly to Ternate, North Maluku for couple of weeks. How about my itinerary? Altought this is kind of business trip, I also have an itinerary. Instead of it’s also called as hotspot survey. Yes, I will make it more adventururous for working itself.

My flight is about 1.45 AM in May 5th. I will fly with my office partner. And I guess this would be a boring flight since I only could see black sky of the night. Haha but my boss said it’s the best flight since you could sleep all of the night while flying. Maybe, it will be the same as my flight to Manila last three months. I flight from Soekarnno Hatta at 00.30 AM and it felt so “hoooaam” super sleepy while waiting for the boarding time. After that, I couldn’t sleep well cause I have such a pain in my ear, and cold killed! Haha

Then, I wish tomorrow flight will be fine. I have a safe flight. And there’s nothing wrong will going. Actually this will be my first experience to walk down the eastern part of Indonesia. A rare chance I guess. In the same time, you could feel like traveling to Japan, well it is GMT +9 dude!

So what am I gonna explore? Since it is about island, volcano, and beach, so I am ready to feel like a good man in the tropical paradise. Feel the excitement of the locals, taste a infamous delicious spices food, blue sky, beaches, hike some hills, and explore many unseen things before. Well.. what do you think? It is just enough or?

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