Random Photos: Summer in Beijing

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  1. adzillah79 says:

    repeat??when? hehehe

    1. febryfawzi says:

      maybe.. uhmm.. let me think.. uhmm haven’t got any clue haha.. 2015 maybe. India first and after Europe maybe :p wanna join?

      1. adzillah79 says:


        2015?emm hehehe..i vote for India..yeayyy!!if u want to buy any ticket to India, please let me know 😉

        1. febryfawzi says:

          ya, cause visa china here is kinda not so cheap, around 200 MYR but less than that.
          of course I’ll let you know 😀

  2. Kin says:

    cool pics!

    1. febryfawzi says:

      Thanks Kin, you also have cool blog

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