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Angkor Bicycle Trip: Maha Karya Rajendrawarman

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  1. The last photo of sunrise taken by you is totally amazing! Love the colour.

    1. febryfawzi says:

      no, that’s not mine. there’s credit on the caption, right? 😀

      1. Omg! Silly me! I didn’t saw the caption. Sorry! Btw, cycling in the temple area, my salute and respect to you! Yang lagi naik Tuk Tuk pun capek. Hehehe.

        1. febryfawzi says:

          hehe thanks Zara. it’s been fun. I don’t know, maybe if I took tuk-tuk alone it could be boring for me.

  2. cumi says:

    angkor menawarkan sejuta pesona & mistis nya. Foto yg terakhir juara banget

    1. febryfawzi says:

      yep. bener banget! tapi sayangnya foto terakhir bukan saya yg motret. lagi apes, keujanan malah bukan dpt sunset 😀

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