Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

So, just three days ago, we have a long weekend (in Indonesia). So I’ve decided to come up with my bestfriend and camp out in the remote island in Southwest Lampung, Sumatera. After 14 hours travel from Jakarta by buses and ferry to cross Sunda strait, finally I arrived in Kiluan Island. The area of Kiluan bay well-known with its dolphin. If It’s correct, Kiluan is one of the biggest dolphin population in Asia. Then, here we go!


Jukung, a traditional boat that pick us up to the island of Kiluan. It’s only 10.000rupiahs in return. Just tell them when will you leave or if your provider reached the signal just contact them.

Welcome to Kiluan

This white sand beach will welcome you when arrive in Kiluan Island.


Our tent

To feel the adventurousness  and get close to nature, then we build our tent. It cost 60.000rupiahs for the camp permit

Jump and swim!

What’s my favorite things to do here? of course SWIM! just jump on to the water and feel the warmth of the sun. If you dare enough, try to swim and get that beach.

the island backyard

Don’t get satisfied by the beach! the island still a good corner to explore. It’s rather quiet in the backyard and you can see the coves around.

catch sunset


sunset in Kiluan

The last, catch the sunset near the cove.  You can see the orange sky and its limestone island in silhouette.

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      1. Iya.. bener banget. Pernah nyoba maen ke pantai di singapur. hmm, tanpa menafikan ciptaan-Nya, tapi jauh banget dari Indonesia. bukan pantai luas membentang malah di kejauhan keliatan kapal pengangkut container.. 😀

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