Ariah: An Impressive 486th Birthday’s Gift to Jakartans

Spectacular lighting & stage

Let’s say, June is all about Jakarta because Its birthday on June 22nd. By this 486 years old of the vibrant and metropolitan city of Jakarta, the government held a lot of entertainment. Such as the annually event of Jakarta Fair, Jakarta Great Sale for shopaholic, local festival, carnivals, and the most anticipated event is Ariah the theater musical.

Quick research about Ariah, I’ve got the fact that this event organized and directed by the former spectacular shows by Matah Ati. Followed by some awesome Indonesian artist such as Erwin Gutawa (music director), Jay Subyakto (Art Director), and directed by Atilah Soeryadjaya, and others, this event could bring high expectation from me and some audience.

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  1. ah, padahal malam itu gw pas landed d Jakarta, seandainya tau ada acara itu, hiksss, pagi2 tiba2 liat di media sosial banyak yg upload ttg ini, huaaa, sepertinya emng spektakuler,

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