Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

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  1. Khai says:

    Cantik foto! I like the reflection of Angkor Wat. Nice.

    1. febryfawzi says:

      thanks alot Khai 🙂

  2. Java Girl says:

    WOW!!! That is the most stunning picture I’ve seen all morning! Great shot!!

    1. febryfawzi says:

      Thanks alot (y) need some effort by the way :p

  3. nyonyasepatu says:

    Keren nih fotonya

    1. febryfawzi says:

      Makasih mbak Noni 😉

  4. Java Girl says:

    Wait…where is Brazil on your wish list of places to travel? Hehe. Rio is really nice any time of the year, you know! 😀

    1. febryfawzi says:

      Brazil is on my top list. ofcourse the 1st city to visit is Rio! 😀

    1. febryfawzi says:

      makasih Isna!

  5. All things over there is looking like made of gold……. Golden temple, Golden River and even Golden Sky. Just think if this becomes True what will happen then………………..??????? Just fill it…….

    1. febryfawzi says:

      Thanks for visiting. I think that could a heaven for a moment 🙂

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